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Welcome to Amber Patterson Photography!

I hope you enjoy browsing the pictures and that you'll check back often for updates.

Amber Patterson Photography offers top notch photographic images at competitive prices for the equine industries of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. I'm also available for sittings regarding infant and baby pictures, family and senior portraits.

My extensive body of work has been published in various websites, advertisements, brochures and equine publications.
I currently reside at Stolen Moments Farm, my American Warmblood breeding and training facility, in northern Alabama, but am available for travel to your farm, show, inspection or other equine event.

Horses have been a part of my life from my earliest childhood memories. There is a fundamental connection between horse and rider. My goal is to capture that connection through photography. I believe that my passion for all things horse related and my love of photography enables me to see that connection and produce pictures that truly express the moment they were captured. I strive to provide you with a tangible representation of those indescribable moments you experienced while soaring over a jump or watching your child's elation from receiving their well earned ribbon. It is a moment it time that can never be regained but will always be treasured.

I have had a passion for photography since I was a young child. I began pursuing a degree in photography and graphic design during college, but when people questioned how "just taking pictures" could provide a viable livelihood I began to doubt myself and my craft and changed to a degree that seemed to have a more definitive career path. I always felt like I sold my self short by listening to others negativities and not following my heart when I had the chance. I spent the next several years riding, training and showing various horses whenever I wasn't working at my job in the mental health field. I still loved photographing my animals and family, but it had been relegated to a hobby.

In 2008, I believe God gave me a second chance at the first love I had missed. I do have to admit, that wasn't my original attitude as I was campaigning a young mare and the events that transpired brought all our goals to a screeching halt and resulted in the mare being placed with another rider. I was at a horse show in the fall of 2008, and received a very severe ankle injury that kept me from riding and even handling horses for months. Although I received immediate medical attention, I was misdiagnosed and after several months of following the initial physician's instructions and having no improvement, I pursued a second opinion. It was during this visit I was informed that I would need extensive surgery to virtually rebuild my ankle in order to ever have the full strength and use of my leg again. There would be a full year of rest and rehab post surgery and I was on complete equine restriction! To me, that last order was completely unacceptable! I might not be able to handle the horses or ride, but I could at least attend shows.

It was at this point that my passion for photography was rekindled. I tagged along (crutches and all!) to every show our barn attended and made sure I had pictures of every person and horse we brought. I decided if I couldn't ride, I could at least provide momentos to all of my barn buddies who were able to compete. It wasn't long before interest was generated from other barns and competitors and within a few months Amber Patterson Photography was born!

I like to think I would have eventually found my way back to photography as more than a hobby, but without my injury to facillitate a change, I might have never made the jump. One of my all time favorite quotes truly sums up that time in my life,
"The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are; For what we could become" ~Charles Dubois

I hope that who and what I am now is not all that I'll ever be, but for now it's enough and I'm loving this moment in time.

If you prefer to purchase all of your pictures on CD format please contact me. There is a discounted rate available for CD's of siblings or riders with multiple horses at the same venue.

There are also packages at discounted rates available when purchasing your photos. The packages contain multiple size pictures and you can mix and match any of the photos you like.

I can be contacted at for any inquiries or to set up a session.

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